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Alarming Number of Road Crashes and Resultant Casualties!!!!

The nation is still reeling in shock at the loss of twenty (20) precious lives due to road traffic fatalities recorded in the weekend of 26th – 28th January 2018. This is undoubtedly a serious tragedy particularly that it comes at the start of the year which is usually a quiet period in road traffic crashes.

The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund would like to extend its deepest condolences to the families of all those who lost their lives in road traffic crashes. The month of January 2018 has seen a total of fifty (50) lives lost due to road traffic crashes.

According to reports from Botswana Police Service the year 2017 close with 444 deaths, 1 152 people sustained serious injuries while 4 739 sustained minor injuries. In 2016 there were 450 deaths, 1 243 serious injuries and 4 994 minor injuries. 

As road users (pedestrians, passengers, drivers and cyclists) we should all take precaution to ensure our safety on the roads. Pedestrians continue to be knocked by vehicles while crossing the road and walking in the roadside. This indicates that there is disregard for pedestrian safety among some drivers and lack of safety awareness by some pedestrians. The use of communication devices such as cell-phones combined with earphones while crossing the road by some pedestrians is a risky behaviour that should be discouraged at all costs as it has contributed significantly to accidents.

There is also the general disregard for traffic rules by some motorists as shown by the number of drivers who continue to drink and drive. A total of 689 alcohol related crashes were recorded in 2017 in which 23 people lost their lives being an increase from 593 crashes and 17 deaths recorded in 2016.

Some drivers also continue to drive above the recommended speed limits which is disturbing is this results in deaths and/or severe injuries. During 2017, 16 people perished in road crashes owing excessive speeding.

The use of seatbelts and child restraints continues to be ignored by some passengers, leading to high numbers of fatalities and serious injuries amongst these road users.

The negative economic effects of the above scenario are not only felt by the Fund in its mandate to provide compensation and rehabilitation to those affected, but are widely spread across the economic spectrum of the country. Companies and Government alike, lose skilled personnel, families lose breadwinners, children lose parents and parents lose children while some people are incapacitated and cannot engage in meaningful economic activity.

It is against this background that the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund would like to urge the media and the public to encourage the road users to adopt a positive road usage behaviour while strongly condemning the ostensibly unbecoming behaviour displayed by some road users which results in deaths and serious injuries.

‘Let us all play an active role for our own safety’


MVA Fund extends outreach of care

Selibe Phikwe Office opens to take vital services to the north-east

Mpotor Vehicle Accident Fund reaches out its helping hand to another part of the country with the opening of its office in Selibe Phikwe - the sixth office to take the fund's to the people who need help after road crashes. The offices are in Gaborone, Maun, Francistown and Kang.


Joining forces to save lives on the road

MVA and Road Deprtment team up to cut road crashes.

Motor Vehicle Accident Fund has stepped up its fight against death and injury on the road by joining hands with the Roads Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communication in a pledge to work together for road safety.



MVA Fund is the Best Organisation to Work for in Botswana

Motor Vehicle Accident Fund has been judged the best organisation, and the best parastatal to work for in Botswana. MVA Fund swept up the awards in the annual Deloitte 'Best Company to Work For' survey in Africa.



The MVA Fund and the Botswana Social Studies Association has signed a Memorandum of Understanding in terms of which the two parties will collaborate on issues of road safety and injury prevention. Bossa is an Association with the mandate of coordinating social studies subject activities in schools.

The Fund will utilise the Association structures to reach out to as many students as possible and teach them about road safety promotion.