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MVA Fund was awarded a Certificate of Merit for its Case Management Strategy during the awards ceremony held on May 17th 2023 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. The International Social Security Association (ISSA) Good Practice Award is an award given to social security institutions as a way of recognizing their exceptional work and innovation to achieve excellence in delivering social security mandates. The Good Practice Awards are presented regionally over a three-year cycle and the 2023 awards were announced at the Regional Social Security Forum for Africa (RSSF Africa), held on 17th -19th May 2023 at Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

The competition is open to all member institutions and a Jury of the ISSA Good Practice Awards composed of recognized social security experts with global and regional experience, is set up to evaluate the submissions. This year, 137 submissions were received from 47 organizations in 30 countries for the Award. The Fund was among some institutions who were awarded the Good Practice Award for its Case Management Strategy.

The Case Management Strategy was developed in 2018 and its main objective was to improve and intensify the Fund’s case management; rehabilitation of claimants and managing all benefits offered by the Fund, while ensuring excellent service delivery and financial sustainability.

The Strategy summarized the case management value proposition, demonstrating that for the Fund to maintain financial sustainability and ensure excellent service delivery to its customers and stakeholders, one of the key approaches is effective case management. This became the base and priority of the MVA Fund Case Management Strategy. The key performance indicators of the Strategy were assisting all eligible claimants, timely compensation, early and appropriate medical attention following the road traffic accident and the number of severely injured claimants achieving optimal level of functioning.

This improved service delivery is informed by the MVA Fund corporate strategy and supports several ISSA Guidelines being the Service Quality guidelines – promoting the responsiveness of the organizations to the needs of its customers and Guidelines on Return-to-Work and Integration which promote a paradigm shift form compensation to management.

In addition to the Certificate of Merit, the Fund was also awarded Attestations for the implementation of the Case Management System and the development of the Fund’s Financial Sustainability Strategy (FSS). The CEO, Mr. Michael M. Tlhagwane presented the paper titled “Investing Reserve Funds and Financing Social Security Benefits and Services; Liquidity Requirements and Alternative Investment Strategies” at the forum.

The Forum addressed a range of topical priority issues for the African region; the extension of coverage, the evolving protection needs of populations and the leadership role of social security institutions for the development of social security systems in a context of complex labour market, economic and demographic developments. As a priority, the Forum also focused on how management and service delivery are transforming, and how social security can contribute to resilience and sustainability.