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MVA FUND Mandate

We derive our mandate from the MVA Fund Act No. 15, 2007. This Act prescribes that the Fund is established to:

  • Provide compensation in the form of benefits.
  • Provide third party insurance cover to drivers and owners of motor vehicles.
  • Promote road safety and accident prevention: and
  • Deal with all matters incidental to the carrying out of all the above.

Historical Background

The MVA Fund, formally Motor Vehicle Insurance Fund was enacted in 1986. It however started operating in January 1987. At the time, the Fund was mandated to provide compensation for certain loss or damage arising out of motor vehicle accidents.

The Act was later amended by the MVA Fund Act No. 6 of 1998 mainly to: Address issues pertaining to sustainability of the Fund and, Introduce new caps and limitations in the cover.

The two Acts of 1986 and 1998 were fundamentally the same as they both stipulated that the Fund’s liability be predicated upon the fault of the driver. This is contrary to the current Act which provides for automatic cover of claimants, irrespective of the cause of accident.


Best chance to normal life.


To enhance the quality of life by promoting road safety, compensating, rehabilitating and supporting those affected by road crashes.


Our values are a reflection of Botho as enshrined in our Vision.

Customer focus: We provide support to our customers in order to heal the wounds inflicted by road crashes.

Integrity: We do business in a transparent way and treat everyone with respect.

Teamwork: Our environment provides opportunities for us to develop team spirit to create more value for our customers.

Innovation: We continuously improve what we do and how we do it.

Empathy: We provide emotional  and physical  support to our claimants  in a rational  and objective manner, to help them reach  their health and economic goals.

Strategic Overview

MVA Fund is currently implementing a five year (2018 – 2022) Strategic Plan named Kgogamasigo. This is the Fund’s third Strategic Plan . It provides a road map for the Fund as it (the Fund) seeks to assert its role within both the road safety and social security sectors in Botswana.