Offered Benefits

2007 Act

Unlike the 1998 Act, the Fund in terms of the 2007 Act compensates any person who is injured or dependants of those killed in a road crash irrespective of whether or not the driver was at fault.

General Damages and Solatium for Grief have been struck off the list of heads of claim. The Fund compensates only for Medical Expenses and Rehabilitation, Funeral Expenses, Loss of Earnings, Loss of Support and Incidental Expenses.

Medical Assistance

What is medical Undertaking?

This is a portion of the offer set aside for future support, medical treatment and rehabilitation purposes. The funds are used solely for the prescribed medical treatment and/or rehabilitation and cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances unless as a reimbursement.

Funds not used, either on account of the full recovery or death of the claimant, will be reversed into the Fund’s trust for use by other claimants in future.

How to seek assistance

Before seeking any medical assistance, the claimant must contact the MVA Fund Social Welfare Office to prepare a letter of guarantee of payment to the service provider.

Caretaker costs

Compensation paid annually to the primary caretaker of a claimant with severe injuries.

Funeral Expenses

Compensation paid to cover costs for the funeral where death has occurred as a result of a road crash.

Loss of Earnings

Monies paid if the claimant is disabled.

Loss of Support

Monies paid to dependants of the deceased person.