Case Management Process

Future treatment or rehabilitation medical treatment/rehab/special education – A portion of the offer set aside for future support, medical treatment and rehabilitation purposes. The funds are used solely for the prescribed medical treatment and/ or rehabilitation and cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances unless as a reimbursement. Funds not used, either on account of the full recovery or death of the claimant, will be reversed into the fund’s trust for use by other claimants in future.

How to seek assistance-before seeking any medical assistance, the claimant must contact the MVA Fund Case Management Office to prepare a letter of guarantee of payment to the service provider and to get clarification and advise on related matters.

  • Treatment Plan – written by the medical practitioners giving detailed yet concise medical information about the potential claimant. It outlines the nature of treatment or intervention planned estimating the length of care and costs.
  • Loss of support – Monies paid to dependants of the deceased (minors, parents, and spouse).
  • Loss of earning or income – monies paid if the claimant is unemployed due to road accident (RTA) injuries. Or monies paid if the claimant ceases any proven economic activity/ income due to injuries.
  • Caretaker costs – Compensation paid annually to the primary caretaker of a claimant with severe injuries. Examples of claimants who need caretakers are those with spinal cord injuries (paraplegia and quadriplegia) and severe head injuries.