MVA Fund Donates Refreshments to Botswana Police Services


News Date :
December 14, 2020


MVA Fund Donates to Botswana Police Services

Motor Vehicle Accident Fund donated  refreshments worth over P50 000 to the Botswana Police Services recently, as support  towards roadside campaigns for the upcoming festive season.The patnership between BPS and MVA Fund  comes a very long way as they are both charged with the responsibility to promote road safety in the country.

When handing over the donations, Motor Vehicle Accident Fund CEO, Mr Michael Tlhagwane said the gifts are essential for the road side campaigns as there is increased movement of travellers and road users visiting their relatives at different destinations for the holidays.Mr Tlhagwane further mentioned that the donations were intended to boost the morale and motivate  police officers deployed during the festive season.He further indicated that on  average about 82 people perished annually during the months of November and December  from the year 2015 to 2019  due to road accidents.

For her part Deputy Commissioner responsible for Police Operations Ms Dinah Marathe highlighted that both MVA Fund and BPS  have a common mandate and in preceding years have been engaged in joint  roadside campaigns in efforts to curb the escalating road accidents and fatalities.She also pointed that the refreshments which included ,Energy Drinks,Bottles of Water and Packets of Raisins amongst others were to be distributed accordingly to engaged officers.