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Road Safety Promotion

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund is mandated to promote road safety and accident prevention. Through its various outreach programs, the Fund promotes road safety to raise road user risk awareness and to encourage adoption of safe behavioural practices by all road users to mitigate the risk of getting involved in a road traffic crash that may lead to injury or death.

The following are some of the initiatives the Fund undertakes to reach out to road users.

Child Safety Education

An educational programme targeting children at young age aimed at grooming road safety values at grassroots level to promote a positive road safety culture.

Roadside Educational Campaigns

These are campaigns done in collaboration with other road safety stakeholders such as Botswana Police Services, Transport Officials, District Road Safety Committees, community volunteers etc, focusing on educating drivers against risky behaviors and their consequences.

Passenger and Pedestrian campaigns

Through this initiative, the Fund interacts with these valuable road users to promote safer practices on the road. This is mostly conducted at hiking stops and bus ranks using mobile public address system.

Speed Campaign

Speed is a major contributing factor to road traffic crash severity. The Fund use LED Speed Feedback Sign or Variable Message Sign to encourage drivers to drive at safe speed particularly along major internal roads and highways.

Roadshow Road Safety Activations

Road safety information, education and communication dissemination is by its nature mostly not easily accepted by the target population, as most road users feel they already or somehow know what they are supposed to do.

Media Campaigns

The Fund also uses various media platforms to reach out to road users. These include radio interviews, jingles, newspaper adverts and social media.


In recognition that the community plays an important role in the promotion of road safety, the Fund through its Community Road Safety Grant Scheme initiative incentivise the civic community to actively participate in road safety promotion.


In line with the principle of shared responsibility, the Fund forms alliances with various entities and influential individuals that are strategically positioned within the society such as religious organizations, the mining industry and humanitarian organizations, and Non-Governmental Organisations, to promote road safety.


The Fund undertakes a number of surveys on an annual basis in order to ascertain the effectiveness of road safety interventions and make necessary improvements in line with best practice. So far, the Fund has undertaken six (6) surveys namely the 2014 Road Safety Awareness Survey, 2018 Road User Risk Awareness Survey, 2018 Road User