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                     Corporate Governance

MVA Fund embraces and subscribes to corporate governance and best practices in its operations. It adopts and applies the principles of good governance in line with the recommendations of the King IV Report. The ethical values of responsibility, accountability, integrity and transparency remain integral and a norm to the Fund. The Board is a custodian of corporate governance and ensures that the Fund maintain sound governance policies and practices.

As a decision-making body, the Board of the MVA Fund fully appreciates the impact of corporate governance on the success of the organization. It therefore strongly supports the reforms that are meant to enhance good governance. The Board plays a vital role as it is ultimately accountable for all the affairs of the Fund. To optimize its oversight role, it is assisted by the integral assurance mechanisms in place and the annual audits undertaken by independent external auditors. The Board is consensus-oriented, responsive and subscribes to an equitable way of handling the affairs of the Fund.