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Safety Health Environment (SHE)


In 2007, MVA Fund amended the 1998 MVA Fund Act to expand its mandate to include promotion of road safety and accident prevention. Accident prevention was further internalized to include occupational health and safety (OHS) within the operations of the Fund. The Fund believes that it has a responsibility to pay regard to any impact which its activities might have on the working and physical environments of its employees. Employee performance depends largely on a safe and healthy working environment.

As a service provider to those affected by road traffic crashes, a safe and healthy environment to both staff and clients cannot be overemphasized. Furthermore, the Fund, due to its mandate to promote road safety and provide compensation to those affected by road traffic crashes is involved in extensive travelling by its staff members across the country mainly by road, which exposes them to the risk of road traffic crashes.

The Fund also has an Enterprise Risk Management Policy and a Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan to manage risk in its operations. Both plans require a robust occupational health and safety management system. The OHS Policy therefore provides more insight on prevention and management of occupational health and safety risks in the workplace.

Please see our SHE Policy statement.