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Always be more careful and alert on the road. Here are a few friendly tips to ensure your safety on the road.

  • Plan your trips in advance. This allows you time to decide which roads to use and can help you avoid high accident zones if possible.
  • Have your car serviced by a qualified service mechanic.
  • Make sure your windscreen is undamaged; this includes cracks that can obstruct your view.
  • Check to make sure your wiper blades are fully functional. If worn out, replace them before you travel.
  • Check the quality of your tyres. Worn out tyre treads can reduce braking time; especially on a wet surface.
  • Make sure your headlights work properly and offer good visibility.
  • Always wear a safety belt.
  • Never disobey the speed limit – driving too fast or too slowly can be a potential hazard.
  • Keep a safe following distance, this will give you enough time to react in case of an emergency.
  • Always check your blind spot before changing lanes, even when driving on a road that seems deserted.
  • When approaching a railway crossing, always slow down and proceed only when it is safe to do so.
  • Stay alert and keep an eye on what is happening around you.
  • Never drink and drive, statics indicate that a high number of road crashes in Botswana are alcohol related.
  • Never drive while using your cellphone, this will only distract you and cause a lapse in concentration. Rather install a hands free kit in your car.
  • Always rest when feeling tired; there is no point in trying to make your journey at record time and stop every two hours.
  • If your visibility is compromised at night, avoid driving at after sundown, especially when there are storms or heavy rains.Never disobey road signs.
  • Be on the lookout for obstructions like potholes or animals, which often stray into the road, especially in rural areas and highways.
  • Never overload your car with passengers or goods, this will only slow your vehicle down and cause traffic disruptions.