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In recent years the government through the Public Enterprise Evaluation agency (PEEPA) advocated for the adoption of good governance and best practice. In its efforts to ensure compliance to high standards of corporate governance, the MVA Fund Board developed the Board Charter. The Board Charter is an instrument that guides the operations and business of the Board by clearly outlining its mandate, composition and authority. It is meant to improve the Board’s governance in managing and directing the Fund. The Committee Charters were also developed and approved to guide the Committees in the discharge of their respective duties.

The Fund has signed a Shareholder Compact with Government as a Shareholder, to formalize the relationship. The Compact represents the agreement between Government and the MVA Fund Board of Directors. Its purpose is to reflect the expectations of each party in terms of the outcomes that need to be achieved whilst strengthening corporate governance. It also harmonizes the relationship between Government and the MVA Fund Board.